Richard J Marks


The Promise of Joy

People in search of finding joy will require making some corrections. This is the cost of marching ahead with a new voice, a new sound – the one we create in ourselves. We’re capable of activating our divine sound and taking the ancestral anger down. A voice in a community that has power is one that restores love. Each of us holds such power in the present point in time.

Our first impulse is to step in and speak when something bad is happening, but listening is the simple action that brings us closer — to everything. Not listening creates an absence of love, stampeding over the space we need for joy. 

How often I recall hearing politicians on newscasts interject “Let me finish!” when they are interrupted. It’s obvious they want more time to be heard, but conversely, maybe they really desire less time to listen! What if, instead of the rudeness of “let me finish”, they were to say “let me listen”? This would not have been such an unusual response by our ancient ancestors, for whom listening was necessary for survival. Listening gathers all our senses: we use our ears to hear, our eyes to see, our mind to think, our concentration to focus, our body to be present, and our heart to feel. In today’s world, listening is no less of a survival skill – not only how we listen, but what we listen for. 

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