Richard J Marks

My core base, the community I serve, are people like me. We are cultural responders. Do-gooders. Agents of change. We try to see the best in others. Every action, small and large, matters to those of us who courageously show up with passion and leadership for our society, communities, identity, human rights and environment. The world needs us to be strong and joyful. Feeling and following joy, we shift far more easily from moment to moment. At more advanced and complex levels, we need to have an understanding of spiritual integrity that guides us into community and relationship. Spiritual life is ultimately about just one thing: relationship. Faith, love and confidence are already there within us, waiting to be taken out of hiding. 

One-on-one in-person consultation in the New York City area, or online worldwide:

$250 per 60-minute session.

Special pricing is available for groups, youth, students, and artists.
Please contact me for more information regarding these rates.

An intuitive guidance session provides space to unlock old and new narratives, spiritual grounding and energy healing, and clear out trapped emotions that cause our spirit, body, and relationships to suffer. 

Receive A Prayer


Centering prayer.

A Question

Formulate A Goal

A question to be explored.


Using meditation cards.

Shifting Perception

Shifting Perception

What do we have to say goodbye to?

How We Shift

How To Shift

What modalities for follow-up will be beneficial?

Free Flow

Free Flow

Let intuition through.

Richard J. Marks is a senior communications adviser, published nonfiction book author, and accredited journalist who brings three decades of rigor and big-picture thinking to mentoring and writing. Also offering expertise in editorial consultation and writing, he demonstrates keen emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills, and the ability to communicate them to others. Personally and in community, he gives credence to caring about others, acting with honor and character, managing diverse relationships, and being self aware. Richard is a trained healing prayer officiant in New York City. 

Founder of media company Productions 1000, Richard’s media career launched live television, feature films, and print journalism. He produces high-quality communications, films, and special convenings around the world. In his early career, he was a full-time staff journalist at CNN, an executive in the National Geographic Feature Films group, and senior editor of Washington Life Magazine. While employed at the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington DC, he advocated extensively for renewable energy, and has contributed nationally and internationally to the advancement of sustainability, corporate greening, conservation, and sustainable finance. 

Rooted in the Western classics at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Richard’s higher education was immersive in the Great Books, ancient Greek language, science, astronomy, mathematics, and music practicum. Whilst living in England, he received Honours in Philosophy and Literature at Richmond: The American International University in London. He earned his B.A. in Culture, Literature, and the Arts (CLA) from the University of Washington, with special in-depth focus on curatorial museum studies, history of art, and international human rights.

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$250 per 60-minute session

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