Richard J Marks

Next Level Living Coach and Guide

Richard J. Marks guides, writes and speaks about the beauty and elegance of deepening our connections with life and sharing the best of ourselves. 

For life’s important transitions, effective and creative formats build holistic integrity for people of all ages. 


For 25+ years, Richard has produced high-quality educational media and dynamic events for the arts and the environment, with branded leadership campaigns that are original, truthful, and pioneering.  
He is an adept consultant on business marketing that makes us become better agents of change.  


In 2005, Richard founded Productions 1000, a media and production company for energy, environment and sustainability, creating in-depth content for brave and pioneering leadership in solutions sectors. 

A committed environmentalist, he has advocated extensively and led national and international teams in creative communications for sustainability, corporate greening, impact investing, ocean and conservation finance. While employed at the U.S. Department of Energy headquarters in Washington DC during the Obama Administration, he led full-spectrum communications for renewable energy. 

Media and Producing

Richard’s media career and reputation at the national level has spanned strategic communications, feature films, print and broadcast journalism, public televtion, and special cultural and music convenings around the world. 

Prior to 2005, Richard was a staff story development executive at National Geographic Feature Films, and staff journalist and Assignment Editor at CNN. He produced large-scale cultural events, and worked in production management of several large-budget feature films for all the major studios, including Paramount, Sony, Castle Rock Pictures, 20th Century-Fox, and Disney. 

Additionally, Richard independently co-produced and developed several original educational programs for public television (PBS), including Censored: The News That Didn’t Make The News and Why, and Building Green – a 13-part series that aired on 80% of the PBS stations nationwide in 2007 – showing how viewers can build their homes with environmentally sensitive techniques and materials.


Based in New York City, Richard has a lot of Hawaii in him, too. His mother lived 25 years on the island of Maui, allowing him to collaborate with local leadership in helping children, the environment, and the arts. 

A committed founding Board member of Innocents at Risk for 18 years (2005-23). A public-private partnership with the United States Department of State battling child trafficking through awareness programs aimed at educating the public.

Board Chairman of the Inland Ocean Coalition in Boulder, CO., fully rebranded and increased capacity for land-to-sea stewardship across North America. 

Richard is a trained healing prayer officiant at St. James’ Church in New York City.


Grounded in Classics and Liberal Arts as an undergraduate of St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. B.A. degree in Culture, Literature and the Arts (CLA) from the University of Washington Bothell. 

Certified Life Coach (International Coaching Federation Accredited). B

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