Richard J Marks

Break free, retrain yourself,
and find freedom

7 Footsteps and 7 Prayers 
for Getting Out of Hell

by Richard J. Marks


Published by New Degree Press (April 2020), available globally in print, eBook, and Audible audiobook narrated by the author.

The book is about seeing where freedom resides in ourselves. It de-emphasizes rehashing of what is traumatic or pessimistic, and turns our attention instead to the idea that “seeing beauty is where the courage comes from to change.”

Finding freedom is a life-long aspiration that lights our way out of hell. The 7 footsteps and 7 prayers unlock a kinder, gentler, and long-lasting engine for transformation. 

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In New York City, the print book is available in-store and online:

To purchase the print and eBook from Amazon:

For the complete Audible audiobook,
narrated by the author:

In the audiobook, we encounter music: “Processions” by Keola Beamer – a Hawaiian legend: singer-songwriter, composer and guitar master from the concept album,
Himalayan Sessions.

It benefits the Aloha Music Camp – a nonprofit organization providing ukuleles and music to youth in third world countries,  and promoting Aloha around the world.

“Your book will help a lot of people because 
you are willing to be very vulnerable.”

-Pedro Caballero, Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle

Amidst the soulful hospitality of The Carlyle Hotel in New York City, the author wrote parts of his book Rise to the Sun: 7 Footsteps and 7 Prayers for Getting Out of Hell. When the full force of the pandemic lockdown let up, Pedro Caballero came out from behind the bar to give Richard the biggest hug. When asked what he liked best about his book, Pedro answered immediately, “Prayers are for everyone.”

Why are there 7 prayers?

The prayers enable us to see for ourselves, and thereby, to do for ourselves. 

Watch our thoughts.

See what is in our heart.

Repair our response to trauma and the grief that we carry.

Readers gain a new perspective that prayers are a way of seeing human truth. Active, and also not exclusively religious, “Prayers inspire and lift our spirits when we are down, and they give us something to do. They guide us actively toward seeing what needs to be released, surrendered, completed, forgiven and cherished. They also bring us into the heart.” 

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